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Seminar 1 - Developing a project from inception - Sam Ward

In this seminar we will be looking at the challenges of getting a project off the ground. If you think you'd like to start something but have no idea where to begin then this is the seminar for you.

Seminar 2 - Lessons learned from incarnational ministry - Ben Jack

What is it actually like to do this kind of ministry? In this seminar you'll hear what this kind of incarnational ministry is really like.

Seminar 3 - Sustaining long term mission - Martin Podmore

So your project is underway, but how do you stay on top of staffing, sticking to the aims of the project, etc? Sound like your sort of questions? Then this is your seminar.

Seminar 4 - Local community perspectives - Brian Ward and Adrian Moore

It is all too easy to think about mission and managing it, but what about the local community, what is their perspective?